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See the Suparator® unit in use in a heat treat plant. mp4 tn  
See the Q-Filter® in action in an automotive plant. mp4 tn  
Magnet removes metal dust after oil separation. mp4 tn  
Overflow weir and return header in automotive dip degreasing bath. mp4 tn  

Our latest brochures

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The Esselent Solutions b.v. general brochure   pdf icon   pdf icon
The Esselent Solutions b.v. "Automotive Paint Line" brochure   pdf icon   pdf icon
The Suparator® brochure   pdf icon   pdf icon
The Suparator® series 83 brochure   pdf icon   pdf icon
The Q-Filter® brochure   pdf icon   pdf icon
The Q-Mag® brochure   pdf icon   pdf icon

Application High Lights

Application High Lights are short presentation of a specific project, involving the installation of our products. They include diagrams that show how the products were integrated with the process and in many cases data on the situation before and after the installation. Any data on performances and improvements as a result of these installations, which may be included, have been provided by the client.


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Automotive plant in Belgium Modernization automotive degreasing stages. In this plant the degreasing stages were modified, during the summer stop, to implement oil and dirt separation. Characteristic for this application is that it uses a single cascade loop for all three degreasing stages.   pdf icon  
Automotive plant in Germany. Modernization automotive degreasing stages. Q-Filter® and Suparator® were installed during the summer shut down to improve the bath quality and extend bath life in the degreasing stages.   pdf icon  
Automotive component supplier. Modernization of the degreasing on a phosphate line. These client coats large volumes of components for the automotive industrie and, as a result, has to deal with large amounts of oil and dirt. The application highlight shows how Suparator® and Q-Filter® were integrated. pdf icon