Suparskim® Self-adjusting Skimmer

The by far biggest challenge is how to get the pollution, as quickly as possible, into the oil separation system. It all starts with the skimmer inside the tank. Suparskim® is a high-capacity surface skimmer which constantly adjusts itself to the most ideal position, even in turbulent conditions. 

And what is the ideal position?
Oil collects on the surface of aqueous media. The ideal position of a skimmer is such where the thinnest possible layer of liquid is taken from the surface, there where the oil is concentrated. And that is exactly what Suparskim® does. As a result, as much oil and as little medium as possible is extracted, and a relatively strong flow is also generated at the surface. 

This way, the oil is skimmed off quickly and is transferred fast but calm into the Suparator® where the oil is removed within minutes. The displacement is done by a specific non-emulsifying pump. Thanks to its calm movement it does not emulsify the oil so the oil drops keep their original size. The combination of these factors contributes to highly efficient oil separation.

Fixed- and floating skimmer.
There are two types of skimmers. A fixed skimmer is mounted to the wall of the tank. Thanks to a wide range of different adapters it is possible to install the Suparskim® in any new or existing tank. When the level difference is more than 160mm, a floating skimmer is used.

Advice on how to best mount the Suparskim® is an integral part of our delivery.