Project- and Process Engineering

Based on our 30 years of experience, we have brought our equipment to a high standard in terms of efficiency, effectiveness / performance and quality. In this same period, we have become experts in the field of bath maintenance and as a result, our solutions include more than just supplying devices. If you decide for our equipment, advice on the correct integration into your installation will automatically be a part of the delivery.

We advise you specifically for each application in areas such as:

  • Calculation of overflow weirs, return headers, pipe diameters and routing
  • Modifications (small or large) to the construction of an existing installation for optimization purposes
  • Integration of our equipment in new or existing installation, both mechanical and electronical
  • The position of dosing water and / or chemicals

We do this, not only to ensure that the solution / system works to your satifaction, but also because we increasingly notice that specific technical knowledge of bath maintenance is slowly disappearing from our customers. We have carefully saved this knowledge within our organization and don’t have any objection to share this with our customers. All in order to guarantee the optimal result for your application. And exactly that guarantee is what we provide.