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What can you expect from us? High-end equipment, Expertise and Guarantees.

“Of course, we do sell equipment but we actually sell the expertise behind these devices.”

Our solutions therefore always consist of high-end equipment and expertise. Expertise in terms of advice and integration support in the project-, design- and engineering phase, and in some cases already during specification of a project. Our support iis our added value and can be characterised by:

  • A distinctive way of communication, based on sharing our knowledge and expertise and taking load off the customers shoulders..
  • By sharing our knowledge, we fill in the increasingly declining knowledge among in the industry
  • Our solutions are 100% expertise driven.

30 Years of experience has led to our expertise in bath maintenance. This has given us tremendous insight into the conditions under which our systems must operate in order to achieve the best result. In close cooperation with our partners and customers and by asking essential questions, together we come to the right solutions. When our advice is taken, we give a guarantee on the process result and on top of that, we provide a lifetime free support.

We serve our customers with four self-designed and patented devices:

  • Suparator® for oil separation
  • Suparskim® for skimming off the media top layer
  • Q-Filter® for particle filtration
  • Q-Mag® for separation of magnetizable particles

Some applications:

  • Pre-treatment in automatic paint lines / coating lines
    (car bodies, seat frames, cab tilting mechanisms, enclosures)
  • Parts washers (cleaning and degreasing), in-line and stand-alone (heat treatment, metal working)
  • Treatment of coolants as used in metal working, rolling and pressing.

From expertise to warranty

Our six pillars

“Of course, we do sell equipment but we actually sell the expertise behind these devices.”

Esselent Solutions is more than just a supplier of equipment. The six pillars that serve as the foundation for our solutions are:

  1. Suparator® and Suparskim® oil separation
  2. Q-Filter® particle filtration
  3. Q-Mag® magnetic separation
  4. Project and Process Engineering
  5. Service and Maintenance
  6. After care: Technical Support, Spares and Consumables

Our engineering in particular will be of great benefit to you. Here we provide the specialist knowledge that you may lack. Based on more than 30 years of experience, we can work out the most efficient solution for each process individually. This includes a.o. the design of essential parts of tank constructions, piping and positioning of components. All this to maximize the effect of our equipment and therefore the benefit for you. Speaking of added value…..

Our distinctive way of communication

“Of course, we do sell equipment but we actually sell the expertise behind these devices.”

You find that also in our way of communication. Whether it involves a System Integrator, OEM or End-user; our approach is always the same.

In technical sales, the general way of communication is: 

customer makes an inquiry ➔ supplier gives customer information ➔ customer processes information

The Esselent way of communication is different:

customer makes an inquiry ➔ we ask customer for specific information ➔ we process the information ➔ we present to customer a well-founded, detailed and guaranteed solution.

That’s the difference! We ask a lot of specific questions… and we work out the solution for you!

And by doing so we get to learn all about your process and demands, in detail. We ask things you might not have thought about, or even heard of. And that’s exactly what makes the difference: detail. We project that detailed information upon our knowledge and experience and we come up with the most efficient / effective solution. And by really getting to the bottom we prevent you from making mistakes later on in the project.

The traditional way

The Esselent way

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