Design and CAD engineering [Engineered Fiber producer, Netherlands]

Design and CAD engineering

[Engineered Fiber producer, Netherlands]

In close cooperation with the customer’s project team we have successfully finished the redesign of a special ‘solvent separation system’. This system is based on a previously supplied Suparator® System but has been completely redesigned, following the current state of technology, local requirements and lessons learned.

This specific Suparator® System will separate a solvent from water in a closed continuous process. The separated solvents will be partially re-used and the water is prepared for re-use as well. Our solution will contribute to the customers’ sustainability goals.

The required high quality material standards, in combination with the highly demanding technical process standards, made the design a real challenge. This Suparator® System contains many specific features and controls to enable the process to run stable and continuous.

After final approval of the design we agreed for manufacturing and supply of this system in Q3-2024.