Upgrade oil separation

of rotary drum parts washer

Upgrade oil separation of rotary drum parts washer

[Simonswerk, Germany]

Replacement of two existing plate oil separators, in order to improve the efficiency of oil separation of two tanks (1100 and 1500 liter). Results:

  • 70% more oil is separated
  • The quality of the cleaning process has significantly improved
  • The consumption of filter bags has been reduced.
  • The safety and environmental situation has improved. Because there is so little oil left on the parts now, there is almost no formation of fumes during the following process (welding).

The installation was done by the customers’ own maintenance personnel, based on our Engineering Support.

Our contribution to this project concerns the delivery of:

  • 2x Suparator® type 83/120
  • Application analyses on site
  • Technical Advise and Engineering Support on the right integration
  • Commissioning and training on site