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Q-Filter® features

The following features are characteristic for the Q-Filter® systems. As a result of these features it is possible to filter down to very low particle sizes without high filter cloth usage and filtration cost. This makes Q-Filter® the perfect solution for applications like high pressure deburring, high pressure cleaning, aqueous cleaning baths, machine coolants and emulsions and many more.


  • High efficiency / sealing
  • Self adjusting / dynamic operation
  • Continuous operation
  • Other

Q-Filter® functioning.

Photo of two Q-Filters in an automotive plant.Q-Filter® is used for the filtration of aqueous fluids and uses filter cloth from a roll, in combination with vacuum, to remove particles from aqueous media. As the dirt builds up on the filter cloth, the vacuum in the clean tank is increased to continu filtration. When the vacuum reaches the maximum, the filter cloth is indexed to make some new filter cloth available for filtration.

Q-Filter® creates an underpressure of up to -200 mbar and continuously increases and decreases the vacuum, in response to the process conditions, for optimal performance. The system automatically adjusts to fluctuations in the amount of fluid coming, the nature and amount of dirt in the fluid and the fliter cake build up on the filter cloth.