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Q-Filter® systems.

Photo of two Q-Filters in an automotive plant.Q-Filter® active vacuum filters are used for the filtration of aqueous fluids and use filter cloth from a roll, in combination with vacuum, to remove particles from aqueous media. As the dirt builds up on the filter cloth, the vacuum in the clean tank is increased to continu filtration. When the vacuum reaches its maximum, the filter cloth is indexed to make some new filter cloth available for filtration.

The Q-Filter® systems create an underpressure of up to 200 mbar. This vacuum is continuously increased and decreased, in response to the process conditions, for optimal performance. The system automatically adjusts the vacuum in response to fluctuations in the amount of fluid coming, the nature and amount of dirt in the fluid and the fliter cake build up on the filter cloth.

Q-Filter® options


The Q-Filter® can be supplied with various options.

  • Different types of effluent pumps.
  • Inlet shut-off valve.
  • Inlet surge tank.
  • Collection bins for used filter cloth.
  • .........

Filter cloth

Photo of the filter cloth rol on a Q-Filter®It is essential that the Q-Filter® is used with the right filter cloth. The two together make the system and its performance depends on both. Therefore we put a lot of effort into testing and evaluating different types of filter cloth and over the years we have tested more than 50 different types.

Because the performance of a Q-Filter® depends completely on the filter cloth used, all our systems are supplied with our recommended filter cloth. We expect you to use this cloth until the system has proven itself and you are satisfied with the results. After that you can use whatever type of cloth you want, although we strongly recommend to continue using the cloth that has proven itself. If you decide to use a different type of filter cloth, we obviously can not guarantee the results.