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This year we will again be present at the parts2clean Trade Fair. Come and see the LIVE demonstration of Suparator® Dynamic Oil Separator, Q-Filter® Active Vacuum Band Filter and Q-Mag® Automatic Magnetic Separator. Not just as static separate pieces of equipment but in full operation, in one single closed loop.

At our booth we mix dirt, metal particles and oil with water in a plexiglass tank and then separate it again. This way you can see in practice how the dirt dissolves in the water and how clean water returns to the tank. In the same way as in a pre-treatment stage or in parts cleaning, as oil and dirt are washed from the products and mixed with the cleaner. Our systems separate it again. What it brings you is constant cleaning quality and minimal cost.

See it work! At parts2clean, Stuttgart 11-13 October 2022, Hall 4 – Booth A34