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A lookback at parts2clean 2022; What do bath maintenance, reduction of emissions and cost savings have in common?

When we look back at the successful last edition of the parts2clean trade fair, we can conclude that there is a major shift in the focus areas for business operations in our market. Where previously the emphasis was mainly on quality, efficiency and cost savings, the environment has been added as a very important topic.
Bath maintenance obviously plays an important role in this. It’s a fact that pollution control, in terms of particle filtration and oil separation, leads to great savings if applied in the right way.

One of the visitors at our booth, an important German automotive supplier, gave us a practical example. They have installed Suparator® systems on four of their parts washing machines. Because Suparator® keeps the oil content in the washing medium controlled at such a low level, it was made possible to use a different cleaning chemistry that functions at a much lower temperature. One of the results is a very significant saving in energy consumption. The total savings were even so high that a payback period of 8 months was achieved.

So, reducing emissions and saving costs at the same time… Suparator® makes it possible!