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This is where you can find some extra information about us, who we are and our history.


Esselent Solutions

Esselent Solutions, previously Suparator Systems Europe b.v. and Lomapro b.v., specializes in solutions to separate both oil and dirt from aqueous media. Our field of expertise is aqueous cleaning and degreasing in the automotive and metal industry.

We use the expertise acquired by both companies in the past and manufacture the products to offer you a complete solution for degreasing stages in pre-treatment lines, covering both oil and particle separation. With more than 25 years of experience in this field, and access to high end products like Suparator® oil separation and Q-Filter® filtration, Esselent is your one-stop shop with performance warranty.

From expertise to warranty

Thumbs up from EsselentWe have two things to offer: products and expertise. And since it matters a to us that the client is happy and our products and systems perform as good as can be, the expertise always comes with the products.

We gather all the information available on your application and recommend exactly how to do the integration. Follow our recommendations and we warrant the performance; are you, or is your client, not happy with the performance, give us a call and we will solve it.

Expertise in oil separation

Samples of floating matter.With more than 20 years of experience in oil/water separation Suparator® is the ideal partner for real solutions that call for oil separation.It is not about the oil, it is about your process, your production cost, your product quality.

Separating oil, or anything that compares to oil, from water or aqueous media, is often thought of as nothing special, and many comanies supply "oil separators", "coalescers", "skimmers", "gravity separators" etc.

Modern industry however calls for real solutions. Key issues are:

  • quality
  • sustainability
  • availability

Environmental regulations, hazardous waste, disposal cost, maintenance cost are among the key concerns of any professional business. The industry needs solutions that work!

Suparator® is a unique technology that offers real oil control. It is the most effective solution with the lowest operational cost which warrants the best possible pay back time. Suparator® has proven its value in many applications in almost every industry all over the globe.

The origin of Suparator

A vessel for oil spill recovery using the Suparator® principle.The picture on the right shows a vessel for oil spill recovery, using the Suparator® principle, in action.

The very first development in connection with the Suparator® technology was by a Hungarian aviation engineer. In the late eighties this engineer was trying to find a solution to the problem of removing oil spills from the river Donau.

Eventually he came to a solution that put the Bernouilli principle to use. This principle, which describes the behavior from liquid and gas flows when diverted by an object, is the very same principle that creates the lift under the airplane's wing and makes aviation possible.

Therefore the Suparator® principle is sometimes still referred to as the "Inverted wing principle".