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Suparator® features

suparator-different-tnOil separation done differently.

Different from any other oil separator, a Suparator® system has a special construction built in which collects and concentrates the oil before separation. This brings many advantages, resulting in a much more efficient separation and significant savings.

Gravity separators primarily collect the oil; they build an oil layer inside the separator, resulting in long contact times. Suparator® uses gravity separation but adds its three step separation mechanism which causes the oil separation to start early on, the separated oil to be free from water and the contact time being very short.

Three step separation.

Suparator® utilizes a three-step separation process: collect, concentrate, separate. The special construction collects any amount of oil, even the smallest traces. The traces are than concentrated, causing water and chemicals to separate from it, and build an oil layer. Finally the oil is separated without water and all within minutes.

Early start of the separation.

Because Suparator® collects and concentrates even traces of oil, it starts removing when the oil concentration is still very low. That means the oil concentration in a process will no longer reach a level where it can have a negative effect on the whole process. The oil problem is eliminated.

Separation without water.

Conventional oil separators and skimmers require a thick layer of oil to function properly, but that means long contact times and accumulation of dirt. So it is necessary to keep the oil layer as thin as possible, but than you get a lot of water being separated with the oil. You want neither one nor the other. Because Suparator® can collect and concentrate even traces of oil, it does not rely on thick oil layers to function properly and will separate oil without water.

Short contact time.

"Oil" is not oil; "water" is not water. In oil/water separation, "oil" typically is a mixture of substances, plus it contains dirt and other pollutants. "Water" always contains soluble substances, either as pollutions from the process or intentionally added, as in aqueous cleaners or machine coolants. The longer the contact time, the more all these substances start to interact. Add bacteria growth to that and what you get is a nasty mixture which, at best, can only partially be separated. The shorter the contact time, the cleaner the process, the better the oil control.

Economical solution.

Simple and effective oil separation.Suparator® is a unique technology, developed for the separation of oil from aqueous media. It adds valuable performance to conventional oil separation without adding cost. With a simple, reliable, construction oil traces are separated continously, returning fresh, clean medium back to the process.

Different from all other oil separation devices, Suparator® actively removes the oil and puts it in the drum. Its three-step separation process removes oil, without water, from the process at an early stage, warranting extremely short contact times. It adds ´oil control´ to your process, eliminating the cost that result from oil contamination.

The heart of the system is a simple, passive construction, that requires no maintenance, no controls and no energy. Suparator® systems do not use any consumables and separate the oil only.

Investments in Suparator® oil control systems have a very short pay-back time, not only because of the minimal maintenance and operational cost, but even more so because of the significant savings.


Cost saving.

Separationg pure oil eliminates disposal cost.Oil/water separation is about "water", not about oil. The aqueous medium must be cleaned from oil in order to make better use of it; reuse of water or extended lifetime for cleaners, coolants etc. Suparator® offers you real time control of the oil level in your aqueous medium, your coolant or cleaner. Oil control leads to longer life times, to process control and to quality control. Longer lifetimes mean less cost for make-up and less cost for disposal.

Clean cut separation

Suparator® does not separate water or chemicals. With water concentrations of less than 1% the disposal cost for oily waste are eliminated; the recovered oil has value and will be collected at no cost.

A passive construction.

All it takes is the unique, passive, construction. No maintenance sensitive devices, no controls, no energy.

No consumables. Suparator® uses no consumables, like absorbents, coalescing media, absorbing filter bags etc., which means no cost for the consumables themselves and no cost for disposal of spent consumables.