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Expertise in oil separation

Samples of floating matter.With more than 20 years of experience in oil/water separation Suparator® is the ideal partner for real solutions that call for oil separation.It is not about the oil, it is about your process, your production cost, your product quality.

Separating oil, or anything that compares to oil, from water or aqueous media, is often thought of as nothing special, and many comanies supply "oil separators", "coalescers", "skimmers", "gravity separators" etc.

Modern industry however calls for real solutions. Key issues are:

  • quality
  • sustainability
  • availability

Environmental regulations, hazardous waste, disposal cost, maintenance cost are among the key concerns of any professional business. The industry needs solutions that work!

Suparator® is a unique technology that offers real oil control. It is the most effective solution with the lowest operational cost which warrants the best possible pay back time. Suparator® has proven its value in many applications in almost every industry all over the globe.