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“Esselent Solutions, a genuine Tech company in Drunen, The Netherlands.”

We develop and build technical installations for oil separation and filtration of industrial aqueous liquids. With a young team of enthusiastic technicians, we supply our equipment worldwide to almost all major car manufacturers, but also to large and small companies, active in the metal industry.

With a lot of passion for technology, we make and deliver high-quality products and solutions. And the bar is set high at Esselent! We can only properly fulfill the requirements that our customers place on us, but also the high-quality solutions we provide and the particularly customer-oriented working method, by continuously demanding a lot from ourselves. This is how we continue to build on our bright future.

Would you like to work at Esselent? That is possible! Currently we are looking for:

A  Service Engineer.

In order to guarantee the performance of our solutions and systems, just as with any machine/installation, attention is required from time to time.

Since the systems are very specific, many of our customers want us as specialists to regularly check, maintain and adjust our installations so that the performance is guaranteed in the coming periods and the chance of inconvenience is minimized.

The service work will partly be performed on location, with most customers located in Western Europe. To provide professional service on location, 2 factors are necessary.

  1. First of all, the necessary facilities to get the jobs done, completely independent. For this we have a fully equipped service kit that contains everything that may be needed during the execution of the work. (see photo on page products-service & maintenance].
  2. And second, the specialist himself. That is exactly what we are going to train you for.

The service activities can consist of:

  • Maintaining installations supplied by us
  • Adjusting and testing installations supplied by us
  • Consultation with and advice to the customer on location
  • Reporting of work performed
  • Commissioning of our solutions and systems
  • Supervision of installation work.

In addition to the service work (eventually only a limited part of the time), you will contribute to the assembly & test work in our own assembly workshop.

We realize very well that there is no training that can teach this specific work, which is why we will train you ourselves in a practical way, with a lot of enthusiasm, to become one of our specialists.

Desired qualities and skills:

  • General (technical) interest in the metal industry
  • Practical and flexible attitude.
  • Able to work in an organized and structured manner.
  • Mechanical or Electrical Engineering background and interest in Mechanics, Electrical Engineering and/or Process Engineering.
  • Familiar with the English and German language in speech and writing (or willing to learn this).

We offer you a pleasant workplace in a pleasant team with an appropriate salary, excellent secondary employment conditions and plenty of room for further development.

Please contact Marcel van Hulten and come and have a cup of coffee to explore the possibilities for a working relationship.