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Particle filtration

Photo of a filter cake.Separating particles by means of filtration is clearly one of the most commonly used separation techniques. The metal industry frequently uses water or water based fluids in the production; plain water for high pressure de-burring, specialty cleaners or degreasers and complex emulsions for the machining. What all these applications have in common is that the water based medium gets polluted in the production process, which limits its life time.

Separating the pollution from the medium, during normal production, not only extends the life time but significantly adds to the product quality; pollution no longer affects the production process. If filtration can be done in an economical way, with minimal use of consumables and minimal waste being generated, an investment in the right filtrtion technology pays back very quickly.



High pressure deburring

high presssure deburrAn application where high efficiency filtration is of great value is in high-pressure cleaning and deburring.

The high pressure pump is very sensitive to dirt; particles in the medium cause wear which result in very high maintenance cost. In the application, shown on the left, Q-Filter® was installed to replace the existing installation.

In the existing situation the medium was filtered in a gravity bed filter first, subsequently went through a settling tank, filter bags, an untra-filtration system and another set of filter bags. In the new situation the water went through the Q-Filter® and subsequently through filter cartridges to remove the last particles.

In the first year the client saved more than € 30.000,- on filter material alone.

Automotive car body pre-treatment

Q-Filter in an automotive plantQ-Filter® is used in many automotive plants for the car body pre-treatment. In combination with hydro cyclones, back flush filters and magnetic separators, the Q-Filters® remove all the dirt from the degreasing stages. With a filtration efficiency up to 5µm the medium is virtually clean and can safely be returned to the bath.

It is the ideal last step cleaning of the degreasing medium in applications where a cascade is used to treat multiple baths.